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Who is Natsu?
What does Natsu eat?
What does Natsu hear?
What can Natsu do?

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We’re funny, okay?

THIS IS EXCELLENT except I have to disagree with one point: Jane Austen wouldn’t be hella annoying on social media - she’d just be trolling all the time.

Hemingway would also have some major MRA backers probably. He wouldn’t be one (he’d just be a regular misogynistic bastard) but his followers would be harassing anyone who called it out.

Faulkner has no use for twitter and his blog posts are interminable.

Robert Frost’s Instagram tho.

And Poe and Lovecraft trying to outdo each other with Two-Sentence Horror Stories.

And Elizabeth Bishop, Emily Dickinson, and Sylvia Plath deliberately trolling MRAs.

And Polidori would tag “@DevilEnglishman” in every. Single. Post, trying to start a twitter war in the hopes of gaining followers.

*would love to see Whistler and Ruskin going at each other on Twitter*

No but shakespeare would be the king of innuendos and your mom jokes omg